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Little Man adopted

It’s been awhile since I posted so way behind. My friend Liza who adopted Little Man left for Michigan today, she has no ideal how bad she will be missed. She adopted Little Man our Miracle Puppy and named him Coty around 3 weeks ago. I couldn’t imagine anyone else who fits this dog other than Liza. I know that he has the best mom a dog as him self can have and a wonderful sister Franny, Liza other dog who is 4 yrs old. She is a Lab. They have become good friends and play really good together and Coty is adjusting very well there. He has gone with Liza and Franny to her other house in Michigan for a month and while there, she will have him in obedient classes as well as maybe having him neutered. I can’t wait till they come back as I miss them already.

Since I have not written in awhile we have some new babies and the last of the other lab mixed dogs will go to Illinois Wednesday morning to a no- kill shelter there. We are so lucky to have met Sharon Cherry, a lady who takes puppies and gets them into no-kill shelters. She has been a great help at placing most of our puppies and we could never be able to thank her enough. Coty is our 4th puppy to be adopted in our own home town and this is sad. I want so much for people to realize how important it is for them to take on the responsibility of being better Pet Owners and adopting more in our hometown. My husband and I have decided if we have to pay to run ads to get the word out about San-Chris then we will. We have a lady who even said she would get us on the local radio station here so we need to do that to. I have to been busy putting out flyers and thought about having a ton of them run off so we can start handing them out at certain events.
We have coming up booth at the fair and its coming on us so fast that I’m sure we want be prepared but at least this will get us in the door for years to follow. We can hand out a lot of material and gonna be doing a lot of baking. We to, have planned a game so need to be coming up with prizes for this, as well as something to raffle off that people will want.
So next week got to get our butts in gear and really start to work hard on this.

Ok here are some new pictures of the newest babies we have had.

This is Sebastian he was our 3rd adopted puppie in our home town. The people who adopted him for their son reported that they have become the best of friends and that their son spends lots of time with him. The built him a wonderful lots with concrete for a floor and a big dog house that has a porch. Amazing, I was so happy. They are teaching their son to kept his lot cleaned out each day and how to feed his puppy everyday.

This is Sharon the tan puppy and Gloria the blue heeler looking puppie.They were dropped off at this lady door and she brought them to Gloria so we brought them home with us. Glorie Names after our friend Gloria who loves blue heelers was adopted yesterday by a nice couple whum reported today they took her on her first trip to the lake. They said they were madly in love with her and that she is doing so good good even with their other dog. Another happy story for me. This only leaves Sharon to be adopted and one other dog whos picture is below.

This is Sasha. She looks like University of Tennessee footballs mascot dog Smokey. She is a hunting dog of some sort, maybe a coon dog. She was brought to me at the office last Monday while I was working at the Shelter. The lady stated someone had set her off early that morning and this was the 4rth dog that had been set off there. In the past she keep some of them as well as some cats but simple couldn't anymore. The last ones before this she had give the moeny to have them fixed and found homes so no more babies could be running around. Before she left she cried as she loved animals alot and gave me 120 dollars to have her spayed. By evening I had her an appointment with one of our local vets to be fixed. Every thing has gone good and shes healing so well. I been putting up flyers of her hoping that someone who is a big Tennessee football fan will adopt her. So wish us luck. Next week I have two more coming in to replace the puppies who are getting quite big now and leaving for Illinois. I will miss them terrible and sure I will cry as I always do.
will keep you posted on our events coming up.
Our neighboring county (Union County),and friends of San-Chris opened their doors today and it turned out to be a wonderful opening. Gloria is friends with Tammy the Lady who runs the shelter so we took her over and she was so happy for Tammy as she has known Tammy from the day she started taking care of animals in an old barn and a old house that was the cat house before they got the new one.
Their new building is so pretty and set up so nice. They have their own place for their vet to perform surgery and everthing. I just love it and so happy for Tammy as well.
I can't wait to see the animal shelter in our county get built one day and know this will now happen with all the new wonderful good people we have on the board and our members.

here a few pics of the inside of the new Union County Shelter

This is the reception area

This is the inside of the part that houses the dogs there are two rows of these and a small one in the middle for samller dogs

the middle

Cat room

Puppy room

There is a surgery room and exam room and a holding area. I didnt get pictures of, but all of it is so pretty.

Ok here some new pictures of the puppies that will soon be adopted I hope.

Flying Dog

I had a dream last night that shook me up pretty bad. I woke and told my husband about the dream and I have to write it down to get it off my chest.

I dreamed that I was in the most beautiful place with pretty valleys and rolling hills and big large trees, and for some reason I was there with my dogs, not all of them not sure which ones, some where my foster babies and one was my Abby the one who always comes to crawl on my chest to lick my tears when I’m upset. I was lying with my dogs and it was night but yet you could see everything so good from the moonlight, I know it wasn’t day because I remember I could see the sky and all the stars but yet be able to look at the beauty of everything around me. I remember in my dream that we all could fly, but me and Abby would take off and I could see her wings white and long and pretty and we would fly over this beautiful valley together and I could look down and see how wonderful everything looked as if it was daylight and see the other puppies below me, We would fly together then come back to where the other dogs where and we would lay, but Abby would always want to take off flying again and I would go after her and try to call her back each time she would go farther away from me and I would whistle and she would come back. But then again after lying with the other puppies for a bit we would take off to see how much higher and farther we could fly together. This time as we were flying and swooping down to the fields and rising higher and higher again and flying over the mountain tops she got real far away from me and then I could see her and she had landed on this beautiful white horse with white wings and like a shooting star her and this horse would fly farther and farther away from me as a would call and whistle for her to please come close to me so we could fly together so we could land together back on the ground as I could see the puppies looking up and watching us as they were running apart and I needed to get back down to them to keep them all together. I would call and whistle for Abby and she would try to come back down but then this beautiful white horse with long white wings would fly near her and she would land on its back and off like and shooting star they would go and I would call and cry and whistle for her to come close and closer to me but she was be so far away. I couldn’t see her as I flew as hard and I could to try to catch them. But finally I could see them off in a distance and then I saw that she no longer looked like Abby but Ginger and then they were gone and I cried and flew back down to the other puppies and stayed with them laying and crying because she left me. I don’t recall ever seeing wings on myself as I flew but I saw them on the dog that I thought was Abby but turned out to be Ginger I’m sure.

You see Tuesday I got up and cleaned out the dogs pins as I or my Husband always do, but some how 3 of the puppies that I locked in their dog house as I cleaned in, I forgot to let out as I was trying to hurry and get to a Dr Appointment that was In Knoxville about an hr from where I live. That evening as me and my husband had finished up and decided to get something to eat my daughter called me screaming that two of the puppies were dead because they couldn’t get out of their dog house and one was out of the pin completely and the neighbor saw it and came and knocked on the door to let us know one was out. It was Jennifer and she was in the dog house with Shiloh and Ginger and I don’t know how I could have forgot to not let them out as I always do open the door after I clean out the pin so they can come eat and drink fresh food and water. Annie wouldn’t go in so she was out in the pin with me as I cleaned it. How Ginger got out has to be the help of an angel as there is no way she could have got that door open herself.

Ginger died, she died of heat exhaustion and Shiloh my daughter was able to save. I remember going back in the restaurant after talking to my daughter as I couldn’t under stand what she was saying so had to come out side and screaming to my husband that we had to go now because I had killed two of our dogs even though my daughter and Duck saved Shiloh but I didn’t know that at that moment. I was going into shock coming home and screaming and I hated my self so bad at the moment I wanted to die. My husband had to literally pull over and make me take some nerve medication that I use for my bladder disease.

As he got me water I took I’m sure I took around 6 or 7 .5 Zanax as I knew I had to get over this and pull myself together as I was going in to shock where my hands were drawing and tingling and my face was getting completely numb and that’s a sure sign of shock and if you can’t pull your self out of it you can pass out and I was close to that I could feel as I remember that same feeling happening when my mom died. Shock can cause you to have a stroke or heart attack. I remember this from being an EMT for 6 yrs.

I have beat myself up over this over the past few days and when I got home and seen Ginger I just cried and cried and held her and begged her to forgive me. My husband took her from me and as he and Duck my daughters boyfriend dug her grave I took the door off the dog house and broke it and keep beating it till it broke in to a dozen peaces.

My husband tried to explain the dream to me as he saw it and even though on the way home I swore I would never rescue dogs again till Gloria and my babies, my puppies I have now convinced me they need me I know that Ginger is in Heaven because of my dream and she forgave me for what happened, even though I’m not so sure I will ever be able to forgive myself and never forget it as long as I live. I love dogs with everything in my body and soul and I still fill as if I’m in a big nightmare and can’t wake up from such a horrible dream. Maybe some of you who read this can tell me what you think my dream means.

I think why I kept seeing Abby as the dog who flew with me is because she is by my side night and day and will comfort me in my depressed days I cry, I don’t know, but the dream was so real and so peaceful but yet it hurts so bad to think or write about what has happened. I hope no one who reads this hates me when they read this but I needed to get this out. I would hurt a person before I would an animal. Maybe that sounds bad to some of you, even though I wouldn’t hurt anyone, but that’s how much respect and love I have for dogs or any animal.

Ginger is the dog on the left. Ohh god I can't believe that this horrible thing, this accident that makes me hurt and angry happened to her, and because of me, Why me? I want to save every dog in this world if there was a way.


It’s been a bad few days for me, not sure why I’m so depressed, but I have been fairly down off and on throughout the day. Liza and I, this wonderful lady who will be adopting Little Man had a trip to Knoxville and on the way home we had to stop by Union County Animal Shelter to pick up some shots that Tammy had ordered for us at her cost which is great as we are so thankful to have her for the things she has done for San-Chris. I asked how the 10 puppies were that we brought to her a few days ago and she said they had to be put down. WOW, this surely came as a shock to me and I even fill as if it came to a shock to Liza, because I became speechless for a bit as Liza started asking questions. She said hat 35 puppies also had came to her and she had to make a decision as to what she had to do herself. She said the 10 puppies had mange, not sure which kind and also had coccidian (spelled wrong) and something else and she had to choose
to put them down. Liza asked her if they could have been saved and she said yes they could have but it would have been work. Well know you see why I’m so depressed. I tried to be nice about everything as we need Tammy and she is a great person who has been doing this for forever an a day, but knowing they could have been saved really bothered me bad as this is what we do, we save dogs from certain death and try to get them adoptable. I wish she had called us and told us this as we could have picked them back up and made arrangements for them to be at Gloria’s and got them well. Gloria is full to but at least she did have pins we could have put them in till they got well and I could have gone every day and took care of them. I fill as if I saved them from death by a dumpster to only be taken to Union County to be put to death. This makes me sad very sad and sort of angry. How am I suppose to fill knowing they could have been saved even if it was over a period of time with hard work. When I think of how they looked up at us and were thankful the day the were saved and how when rushed home to be put in a pin given tons of water their little tails wagging as if to say thank you, then this. Ohh goodness how can I stop thinking about it. I wish she had not said they were savable with some work. I know Tammy is trying hard to get ready for her Grand Opening where they were lucky enough to get their shelter and they have tons of work to do and she didn’t anticipate 35 more puppies coming in, if only she had called though to tell us what she had to do. I think she saw how upset I was and said I don’t want you to think everything you bring me I will put down, as she did still have two of the last 3 older puppies we took her around a week ago. One of them had to be put down because of it being very ill.

Ok as for today I woke up took one look at Little Man and starting crying, thinking of how he had been and yes it was work to make him well, but he is so handsome now and most everyone who sees him falls in love with him. We have been introducing him to Frannie, Liza’s dog little by little and things look good so far. She has decided to name him Cody and will start off by calling him little man Cody till he get used to his name. I think it’s a beautiful name and suits him well. I hope that things work out ok with Frannie and Little Cody so they can be together to take care of my wonderful friend Liza together. I told Liza if it didn’t then it was meant for me to keep and some how we will make it as we always do. I love you little Man forever and you will always be a special dog with a big place in my heart, please be a good boy for Liza and don’t give her to hard of a time with your love for water . LOL.

Ok enough I’m crying now so heres some pictures

I tried to insert pictures not sure whats happen to live journal but looks like some changes have been made and I hate it I want the old way back.

I think people choose a Monday to call the office at the animal shelter I volunteer to work are to tell that they have found puppies or they have been set off, because they know that me being part of San-Chris will always run to the rescue even though we don't have room for them sometimes. I know though that eventually something will work out as it always does to help us with them in the end. I can't believe that people have lost their humanity so bad they would set off a box full of puppies in the hot sun, near a dumpster hoping that the garbage truck would just come along and take them to the dump. This angers me to no end! Sometimes its not healthy at the things I think I would like to do to them if I ever found out who they are. But  I have to much to do to worry long about this or think about it as we already have 8 puppies to care for as well as my 4own dogs and little man Cody who has found a home and later this week will go to his new mom.. Yea and thank you Lord, lets keep our fingers crossed it will work out as I couldn't think of anyone else I would rather have him with as Liza my friend from the animal shelter and who helps us from time  to time with San-Chris. She is truly a blessing to us and we love her to no end.

Not really knowing what to do once I brought the puppy’s home we decided it best to call Tammy with Union county who has helped us a lot when we are full in taking puppies as she has a few different people who come and get them from Florida to take to a no-kill shelter to be adopted out. She runs this animal shelter and does everything she can to try to get homes for every dog , instead of waiting a week or so and putting them to sleep. My husband has really gotten to know her and she said she would do everything she could to help San-Chris till we get our shelter, which is fantastic for another neighboring county to do. Luckily she wasn't full and asked if we could bring the puppies to her not even hrs after we had gotten them. They were very cute puppies, all 10 of them, not sure what kind of mutts they were mixed with as thy couldn’t have been barely old enough to be away from their mom.
So, all in all this worked out good. My husband took them to Union while I did some other things for our babies we have now.

It's been  awhile since I posted so can't remember if I posted any pictures of the 8 babies we have now, so here are some new photo's of the babies who will soon be going up north. I do have one lady who is interested in adopting one now but still not sure she would be a good person for this as she wants a outside  dog, but doesn’t have a fenced in yard so doubt she will get one.


Here are the new babies

This is Ginger she is one fo the 6 puppies that we rescued not long ago when we first thought there were only 5 then the next day another showed up. She was very shy at first but now she is a loving adorable baby who's ready to get a loving family.

Jennifer was puppy number 6 who came to us the next day after she showed up when we thought we had gotten them all. Come to find out the neighbors had been letting their kids play with her, so she was at their house alot. She is adorable and very friendly.

This is Shiloh he is so hansome and will make a good dog for someone one day soon. He is lovable and loves to play.

Little Annie is my favorite, she is always coming to me wanting attention and I have gotten attached to her as she loves to be held and have her belly rubbed and lay in my arms.

LIttle Maddie is a very playful puppy and is always jumping in the puppy pool with Little man Cody.

This is Midnight he to loves getting in the pool and playing. Both he and Maddie to love to be picked up and held and loved on. When we first got them most of the dogs we starved and had got ten very little food so they ate like there was no tomorrow and now they are not afraid no more and mommy sure makes it to where they get plenty to eat. So their little belly once filled with worms sure is fat as butter balls from food. :)

This is Sebastian, he is from another litter of two puppies that were brought to us a few days after we had gotten the other 6 puppies. He looks quite large for his age, but he was found on the side of the round at around 3 weeks by this lady at a bank and she took care fo them til the were old enogh to be adopted out. She has heard of San-Chris through another lady and gotten our number and called to see if we could take them, she was kind enough to give us a donation which we needed at the time and is gonna get the bank she works for to give us a donation as soon as she comes back from holiday so looking forward to seeing what we will get.

This is Tobby the brother to sebastion and alot smaller than he is. Both were very shy and scared when they came to us, but now are coming around. I think the got really attached to their foster mom who cared for them when she rescued them, and only trusted her and her husband. He loves to be held and loved on now and is very friendly, although it still takes some time to get his brother to come willingly to us, but once he does he loves to be held and loved on to.

This is Itsy she is one fo three girls that were around 6 mnths old that we picked up from a little old lady who said she couldnt take care of them as they were dropped off at her hosue and she couldn't afford to take care of them so we told her we would try to get them into Union County. Unfortantly she was very sick and had to be put down becasue of her health, can't remember what was wrong with her, but she sure was so pretty, I was sure she would be adopted easy, durinf the three days we has her till Union County had the space she did act sick and stayed to herself, didnt realize she was that sick.

This is Bitsy, she was such a pretty dog and very friendly and wanted attention so bad. These puppies were so terrible with fleas and ticks as we has taken around 80 ticks off of them after we bathed them and gave them worm meds. I found out she has been adopted out through Union County so I'm very happy about this.

This is Ritsy  the other sister to the other two befor her. She was very pretty and had patches around her eyes. She to was adopted out right away. If she had been a boy I wanted to name her Bandit as she looked like she had a mask that covers only her eyes. She to was very friendly, during the three days we has here

So in less that 3  weeks we have has all together 21 dogs we hae rescued in some way or the other. To date since we started doing this in april we have helped around 50 dogs  get adopted, that pretty cool to me for such a short peroid of time. What I love is we get to know when everyone fo the nget adopted if we send the mto New york or to Tammy,There are times it keeps you so busy cleaniing up after them and making sure they get the proper care and TLC so they are socialble befoer they are adopted out. The sadest thing is very few of the dogs have been adopted out in our on county. We have a very bad over population of dogs and cats. I feel good though that San-chris is making a difference even in this short peroid of time and hopefully yrs down the line it will be tons more. If one little lady (Gloria can do it by herself for 28 yrs), imagine what we can do, and to we are friends fo the shelter once its built so i'm sure we will be able to work to gether and help them foster and adopt as well as I feel we will be bombarded with dogs and cats once we open our shelter.

Till next time, have a happy time with your dogs or cats or what every they may be and please Spay/Neuter your animals.

OMG Puppies everywhere


It has been a wild morning so far today. It's not often that I wake up at 6:00 am in the morning unless it’s with the urge to run like mad to the bathroom because of the Bladder disease I have. But for some other reason, I woke up feeling refreshed as I ever have in I don’t know how long. I laid there listening to the silence other than the drops of rain hitting on the tarp that covers the dog lot. Abby and Michelle where laying side by side on there backs next to me so I rolled over and snuggled with them, and it felt so good as they were as warm as could be. I know I must have laid there close to 10 or 15 mints when I heard a little bark that sounded so far away, but sounded like one of my babies. I then realized that I hadn’t heard them this morning thumping around in the dog house as they get comfortable or where they are waking up. It was then I decided to get up and just go to the kitchen window to look out and make sure everything looked ok. OMG it looked like the gate was open, so I ran to the kitchen door to go out on the patio to look and make sure it wasn’t the other gate that’s right beside it that I was seeing open. If it was it was ok as there were no puppies in there. By this time I’m in a panic and as I got to the patio I seen it was the pin with the puppies in it. I saw no puppies at all, turning in a  run to scream for martin to get up, there they were all over the road, at least six of the puppies going up the hill. When I screamed not only did I wake up Martin and probably the whole neighbor hood, but the puppies heard me and came running with everything in their little bodies to me as flew down the steps to go to the road in case a car came. By then Martin was up and flying out the door as well. As I got near the road the puppies by then were at my feet jumping up and down as if to say mommy you’re here come play with us. I was picking up puppies left in right in my arms as Martin was making sure there were no more in the road, and of course the others came following me to because they were biting at my toes wanting to play. I didn’t see the other two biggest puppies that we had gotten Friday evening from another littler that was rescued by this lady that works at a bank, so I was screaming for Martin to start looking for them. Here I am in my new white robe, which by now had came open and of course there is nothing underneath, I’m sure if the neighbors woke with my screaming and that they are now getting their eyes full as I had about 3 puppies in my arms. Ohh my goodness were they muddy and wet from the rain. By the time I get them in the pin and proceed to cover my body back up by tying my robe again, I came around the side of the house and there was Martin in his shorts, no shirt and sandals, who was soaked and mudding looking to as he had found the other two bigger puppies.


After I saw they were ok it hit me, I was shaking like crazy from thinking that if I hadn’t gotten up the puppies would have been killed on our street or gone off to where we couldn’t find them. I don’t think I could have taken this, so I get all teary eyed and Martin reassures me now everything is ok, all the puppies are here and safe. We both decided that they could not have gotten the gate open as it is so hard to push the latch back to open it, so how had they gotten out?  Did we not lock it yesterday back when we put the puppies up in the pouring rain storm that came as they were on the deck before it came down? Martin was sure we had locked it. He came on in the house to let the other babies of ours out as they were going crazy to barking like mad like they knew something was not right from my screams. I go and get food for the puppies. I knew the puppies were in there at around 4:00 am as they woke me playing and barking at each other for a moment. I normally don’t here them as I keep the window shut as the air is on, but when I went to bed it was raining so hard I opened it to here the rain as I love sleeping when you can here it.


After feeding the puppies they settled down, and it was mommies turn to come in and get her nerves settled so first thing I do is take something to calm me. Martin and I are talking about how this could have happened and how we need to make sure it never happens again while we change as we both are wet and muddy. I make us some coffee and Martin wonders if someone would have opened the pin, but I’m sure we have no enemies and everyone on our street thinks that we are good people for what we do with the rescuing of puppies and all. So it had to be left opened and the puppies pushed it by jumping on it as they sometimes do when they are ready to be feed or for me to play or come on the patio. Anyway the dogs inside would have barked like crazy as they sleep with us had someone been down there, as the pins are right under our bed room window so you can here everything.


So as you can see something woke me this morning and I thank god it did, it was probably him as he knows we love our babies and fostering them to get them sociable and healthy to go on to good homes. I am so thankful things turned out ok, and I am now settled down my self. Little Man is lying beside me asleep and Martin has gone back to bed as well as Abby, Michelle and Shelby. Lazy butts LOL.

I look at little man now in his little cuteness and fragile body that mommy always seems to protect when the other dogs play with him, as he gets hurt so easy. I know I can’t send him to New York, that if I don’t find him a great home here with someone to love him and keep in the house the way I do, I will go mad with worry. We saved his life and I’m not about to send him out to just anyone where I can’t find out if he is been treated right or not. I know that we don’t need another dog but he we find him a god home that’s ok and if we don’t then he stays with us, and maybe one day my brother will take him when moses dies as he has been so sick and is so old, and he thought little man was the prettiest thing he had ever seen when we talk on the cam in Skype the other day, so maybe just maybe he will, and if not then he is gonna be mommies little man.

Here are some pictures of the newest puppies playing and a link to a video I made of Little Man playing in the pool which is so cute. I never seen a dog love water as much as he does.

Click the picture to see the Video of Little Man in the Pool

Look at mommy and smile for the camara

Well I just loaded the newest pics of the puppies I took yesterday but they are not in the folder nor are they on the camara still, I saw them move to the folder but dont kow where they went so no pics. Will take more today

Yesterday on our way to gloria so I could help her do some work around the house and Martin make a trip for her, we ran into the lady where we had picked up the 5 new puppies and she waved us down to tell us that another had showed up and wanted to know if we could pick it up. She told us it was a brown little girl and was so cute, more so than the others, We told her we would pick it up that evening when we finished up at Glori's. Here's a picture of her, don;t you think she is cute?

She was a little wet as she had been in the doggie pool, couldn't get her to look at me so you could see how cute she was , but I'm sure that I will have more pics of the puppies soon.

We spent the day Helping Gloria, Martin had to go to Sharons to take a puppy and pick up dog food that she gave Gloria which was fantasic as she was getting low. She says that sometimes when she gets low seems like someone that she knows comes through for her and it tickles her. Somehow when things look bad something comes through to help her. That shows to me that because she is not a bad person and got the heart of gold, and will give her last dollar to help dogs and cats, god profinds a way for her to make it.

Martin was gone about three hrs which got alot for us to get done, I got the rest of a all the  dog bedding that I had gone through and started bagging it up so that the smelly that the cats had peed on I could take to a big washer and clean it again,There were 5 huge bags of balnkets she puts down for her older sick dogs tha can't move very well. I cleaned up the living room to where it is starting to look like a living room again. Little by little things are looking better for her and steve, and I'm Ioving doing it for her, makes me feel good. She just has to much to do and not enough time.

Here is a picture of the little girl puppy Gloria sent  to Sharons, he is about 8 wks and still so small. We are not sure hwat he is other than he will be a very small dog.

Look at that adorable little face,

Here you can see how little he is even at 8 wks to 10 maybe.

Well very tired so gonna go to bed, between, cleaning at Gloria', then cleaning carpets all day here at home today, I am so pooped,

Today has been another busy one. I worked at the animal shelter as a volunteer in the office as I do most Mondays, and as always we have calls about what to do with  dogs or cats which we send to other county shelters  till ours is built. Sometimes puppies are called about and if they are young Martin and I take them in to try to get them into better homes or to no-kill shleters. We sometimes have to get them more use to humans which doesn't take long as dogs pick up on people who love animals and they love the kind if attention we try to give them. We bathe them when they come in as most are very dirty and most have fleas and ticks all over them. Today I took off over 30 ticks on 5 dogs, most were in their ears and they were bad, with fleas so they get dipped afte the bath. We clean out their ears real good and then worm them. We will try to give them their first shots tomorrow, if possible.

 After they have had the ticks removed, bathed and wormed we give them a good meal  It was wild to watch them eat their first meal today as they litterly attacked their food as if they hadn't eaten in weeks, even though they looked as if they weren't under feed. I had never seen puppies do that before even with the others we had who had been starved.After that my husband disinfected they pics to be safe again evne though its been weeks since we had the last set of puppies in there. We put more food and water in and again they went afte the food like wil mad dogs with hunger, so hopefully this will change as they are sweet, cute little puppies and don't seem aggressive till we gave them the food. They didn't fight with each other though as they ate, so thats good.

Here are some pictures of the new babies who's mother was a lab.

After they ate, This is from left to right (my daughter names them already) Ginger, Shilo, and Maddie

This is Annie

This is Midnighht

As you can see all the babies were worn out fro mthe evening as  it took a bout three hrs to do all the things we did to make them feel better. They are all so cute an about 5 or 6 weeks old but fairly good size puppies, since they are part lab. Will take more pictures of them later. 


Our First Fundraiser (Bake Sale)

We had our first fundraiser yesterday and I am very disappointed that it didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked it to. I myself bought around $70 dollars worth of groceries to make cookies and such. I had about 6 ladies who donated cookies and cakes and I really appreciate this so much. We made $109, I was hoping for a little more. Not going to let this discourage me and we are going to do some other things to help with taking care of animals and helping Gloria. I wish people understood that this is for a great cause and that the money we make will help get shots and worm meds for puppies that we foster or kittens that Gloria has agreed to let use her cat barn to foster them in if needed same goes for horses, if needed we can put a horse up there. We also help Gloria and so much is needed to get her house back where when she was alone she moved a lot of the animals that were very sick in with her as she to is getting older and this made it easy on her so she thought her cats have took over the place but most are ok and does use the little box. My husband and a few others are going to build her a cat house which will go out of her house straight into a room that has a walk through with another door where she can keep her cats and that way they want be in the rest of the house. He will build another small room in this to keep all the cat litter pans with a door on it and then cat doors on that so they can come and go. Some of the cats are a little old so it will take some cleaning up after them, so we decided to put in linoleum floors for when they have accidents. This will help out a lot for her to get some of her house back. As for the dogs some or so old all they can do is just lay and barely move. Gloria love her heart will not put them down as long as she thinks they are not in pain.

The cats are the worse thing we need to help her with. As for the pins outside, Martin has talked to Glenn Bowling and he will come doze the pins out after we move them so we can try to get down concrete for Gloria in the near soon future. There’s so much I want to do for her, I wish I had lots of money to help get things back in place for her, so that now she has me and Martin to help her keep things in order. He son Steve has did a lot for her since he has came back, but his health to is not good and we worry about him as well.


Here are a few pictures to go along with today post. Our Bake Sale pictures, and some new pictures of the dogs when we were at the lake yesterday evening. Ohh, Little man has diarrhea for three days now, we are not sure how he got it but Martin has gone to the vet to see if it is coxxcidia(parasite) or what it may be so we can get him well. The puppies that went to New York did come up having some kind of treatable mange that had just started so thank goodness they caught it in time. Martin and I thought that when we took them up that a few looked as if they were scratching a lot and one had diarrhea bad so we were just holding our breaths till we heard back from New York that it wasn’t bad and just fleas or something, but turned out to be this. I feel bad knowing they went up there not in the shape they are suppose to be in, as we don’t want to loose any contact with being able to take these puppies up there.  Sharon Cherry the lady we do this through is a great person and from now own we will make sure somehow the puppies that other people foster will be well before we put them on that puppy wagon. 

OK now some now the pictures

Bake sale fundraiser - Not a big  one as I was hoping but this is how we set it up; gave some history about san-chris.org and what we are doing now that we have took it over but still working along with Gloria

this is the Presentation Martin and I made up. It looked nice, we are going do some revising on it though, as we put it together in one night.

Me later in the day, as you can see we has sold alot of things. Noticed that sweet stuff went better than the healthy things like the Bannana nut Breads didnt go as good as I thought they wouild, but the Rice Crispy Treats and No Bake Cookies sold faster than anything, as well as the different Gooyie bars I made.

Ok now for some puppie pictures of my dogs and of Little Man whum still is with us as we are still not pushing the ideal of sending him up state New York , Keep hoping and praying for that right person to come along and adopt him.

Little Man after playing hard with the other dogs. You can see how his tongue is hanging out where he was panting.

Little Man barking at Abby and me LOL, he was still wanting to play more.

This is the neighbors dog Heavy, he stays at our house more and more each day. I even have starte keeping him at night on my porch as he spends the whole evening at our house and alot through the day when we are home, His owners never yell for him to come home anymore like they use to months ago when we first moved here. He loves us and knows we have the other dogs and that we play, feed and love on him. Wish I could find him another home where people would be good to him as he is so gentle and sweet and loves to even play with the puppies when we have some that we are fostering. he has escaped being run over  from crossing the road so many times that I feel when he's here at least he's not crossing the road.

My Daughter and her dog Roxy and Me and Shelby playing at the lake yesterday evening. They had so much fun and loved being in the water.

Cute picture of Shelby in the water. As you can see even though they are good swimmers when they are out like this with us we keep a belly ring around them for extra safety.

Well it was another emotional day taking puppies to be put on the puppy wagon to go up North to New York. The last of the 6 puppies that were at Gloria’s that we caught some time ago in a ditch up near the barn, went with Martin and me to Jefferson City up near Sevierville where we met with a couple at exit 417 to drop of the babies. I really felt bad for Gloria today, as it has been an upsetting day for her. She had called my husband this morning to tell him that she needed him to come to her house as Steve her son had found 3 puppies at the barn and she needed him to come help him get them. When my husband arrived he said that they were so wild that he like to never got them in a cage and that they bit him and also they were eat up with mange and had severe diarrhea. There was no way we could save them as the condition they were in and the fact that they were just so wild. He didn’t know what to do, so he wound up taking them to Tammy at Union County and they thought it best to put them down for their own good. Gloria was really upset about all this as she just doesn’t want to put down no animal, but agreed that this was the best for them.  


On top of all this it was hard for her to say good bye to the babies and even I cried as I could see tears welling up in her eyes as she tried not to cry in front of us. I even told her now Gloria what have you told me each time I took up the babies, that they were going to place were they could get a good home. She said she told me that because she hated seeing me cry and being upset and she knew what it felt like as she did over many of the dogs she has adopted out over the yrs.


I wish everyone could get to know her the way we do and her sense of humor as she makes me laugh and smile and I love hearing her stories. Her kind loving ways she has toward all the dogs and cats is something that you don’t see in people who even own animals them selves. I kid her about being a dog that was a pack leader in a previous life. She knows her dogs and cats better than most people do and can predict things they will do. If I didn’t know better I would swear they read each others minds. I love her as if I have known her for many years, as if she was in my life for more than she has been. If something happened to her I don’t think I could take it. I worry about her everyday because she is getting up there in age (80) and sometimes it shows, not often as I have said before she gets around better than I do sometimes. We want to so much to help make the rest of her life easier as she has did so much for our county when it comes to animals.


Well our trip went good as we went up to take the puppies to meet the couple who took them this time. When you drop off the puppies and you see all those little faces looking all scared it breaks your heart knowing that because no one wanted them in our towns, they have to take a 14 hr drive and go to a place where they get adopted fast. This is a good thing don’t get me wrong. But I even worry about the people who get them there will treat them good. If I could just get past this feeling, I think it would be easier for me. I wish somehow I could keep every dog that comes into my life as they are so loving, as I have said many times before when I write. I know that with me having them they would never be mistreated, abused, neglected or starved. We pay a lot of attention to our dogs here and they are spoiled rotten. They do many of the things we do. They are apart of us and our family. If only more people could be that way.


I have good news!!!!!! Little Man the puppy who had mange has been given a clean bill of health yesterday by the vet after some skin scrapings and he is now happily inter acting very well with our other dogs. It’s so cute to see him play with them after being confined to only my husband’s office for such a long period so we are happy about this as much as he is. I love watching him run and play, but he still looks so fragile to me, of course that’s me being over protective of him. His hair is growing out so well now and he is starting to fill out very well, even though he still needs to gain a little more weight she says and that will come with time. We told her we feed him very well, and at times we thought maybe to much, but been keeping food in his bowl all the time so if he’s hungry he always has food to eat. He drinks a lot of water though, seems we can’t give him enough. She says this is ok for now as he was so dehydrated that it is taking awhile for him to get his skin back to good health so this is why. I know his little belly is pink now as it should be. I remember a few weeks ago when it still looked grayish and I didn’t think it was ever going to look pink like a puppies usually is. But in all she said he was doing good and she couldn’t believe that the pictures we showed her were the same dog.


Ok I’ve babbled on long enough now, so here are a few pictures

The Babies sleeping on the trip up.

It's sad to see them laying practically on top of each sleeping comfortably and knowing that they will soon be separated. :( I hope and pray the all get get lvoing homes.

Little man with Daddy yesterday evening after being given a clean bill of health. His first time on the living room couch. yes he is already being spoiled more than he should be if we aren't gonna keep him and adopt him out , but you know we are not in no hurry... LOL

Look at that beautiful face. If we let him go it will only be to someone that we know with all our hearts will be good to him and treat hiim very special.

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